Equality and diversity policy


Dublin South City Partnership ( DSCP ) is committed to promoting equality and embracing diversity in its work and in its workplaces. This commitment is at the heart of what the organisation works for and was set up to achieve.
While this commitment influences the whole of the organisation’s work it should also be seen ‘in action’ under the following heading.

• In how we work and who we work with
• In our workplaces
• With our staff and volunteers

1. Equality and Diversity: In how we work and who we work with

The core of DSCP’s work is to promote equality of opportunity and access for the individuals, groups and communities we work with. This runs across all of our work, whether that is supporting unemployed people, people with disabilities, refugees, asylum seekers and disadvantaged communities. This commitment and work will continue.

On top of that DSCP is also committed to promoting equality of opportunity and access for individuals and sections of society who experience particular exclusion. In this regard, DSCP under the SICAP programme prioritises work with people with disabilities and ‘ New Community’ residents.
Considerable resources and time are put into supporting the development of the skills and capacity of people in these situations. Support for people in these categories is provided also by the employment services provided by our Local Employment Services and within SICAP.

It is also the case that the ongoing work of DSCP, whether that is with disadvantaged women or disadvantaged communities , is about the promotion of enhanced opportunities and improved life chances.

2. Equality and Diversity: In our workplaces

In as far as practicable DSCP is committed to making the places it works from welcoming and accessible.

Before considering issues of physical access , it is important for the organisation and its staff and volunteers, to make people feel welcome when they attend any of our offices and access our services. That means ensuring staff are skilled in meeting and greeting people and providing training for staff when necessary. It is important also that practical issues such as a proper waiting area, decent meeting rooms, rooms where people can be met in private are all provided.

Despite the financial and ownership constraints , DSCP works under its various premises, in as far as practicable, will be equipped with all of the above.

Ideally, all premises which DSCP operates from should be fully physically accessible. Due to the constraints referred to above this is not the case in all premises. As an alternative DSCP has arrangements in place where clients/ groups with access needs can be met and accommodated in nearby premises. As and when opportunity arises, improvements will be made to premises to ensure they are accessible.

3. Equality and Diversity: For staff and Volunteers

The company’s approach to the promotion of equality and diversity for all who work with it is detailed in the company’s staff and is available to all current employees and voluntary workers.

September 2016