Dariusz Majewski - Better Call Darek

Business Owner : Dariusz Majewski – Better Call Darek

Email: bcdarek@gmail.com

Phone: 089 60 40 244

Business: Handyman services

Better Call Darek

Before I opened my business I was working as a maintenance assistant and manager so I had lots of experience.

I love repairing broken things and I love painting. It was always very difficult to get a company to fix small issues in my previous jobs so that’s when the idea of starting my own company came up plus I always wanted to be my own boss 😉

It’s only 4 months since I opened the company but I’m very happy with the way things are going and I already have regular customers.

DSCP helped me to fill all the necessary forms required to open the business. Thanks to DSCP  I did a couple of free online courses which helped me a lot with running my own business. After one of the courses, I don’t need anyone to do my paperwork as I’m doing everything myself.

Don’t be scared, if you have a good idea of your own business and you are positive that it will work out just go and do it!

Still working on my Social media but I always answer the phone 089 60 40 244 and the emails bcdarek@gmail.com