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The Local Area Employment Service is a new service in partnership with the Department of Social Protection. From our community offices in Crumlin and Dublin 1, we support local job-seekers through a person-centered 52-week engagement, focussing on preparing for work and job seeking. provide guidance and supports to clients (maybe you) who are looking to enter employment.
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From 1st September 2022, Dublin City Community LAES will provide assistance to individuals referred to our service by Department of Social Protection who are seeking employment. Once the Department of Social Protection has granted permission for you to register with this service you will be contacted by an LAES Employment Guidance Officer at the earliest opportunity. Services we offer, include:

Customer Charter

Our Promise to You

DCCLAES, working at community level, commits to utilising its combined resources to build sustainable employment opportunities for each person referred to our service from the Department of Social Protection (DSP). This is achieved through providing a local employment centre that is welcome, friendly, and fully accessible to you at a time that works for you and located close to where you live. You will be met in a private and secure space within 15 days of you being referred by the DSP. We will meet with you at a minimum of every 20 days and more frequently as required. A dedicated professional staff member will work with you to help you get the best possible outcome. Your Employment Guidance Officer (EGO) will:
Respect your personal circumstances and will provide a fair and equitable service to you regardless of your gender, race, cultural or ethnic background, or your family status.
Listen to you and undertake to plan with you for opportunities that are in the best interests of yourself and your family circumstances.
Assist you to establish what your skills, aptitudes and interests are and help you to plan your progression pathway based on these attributes.
Have expertise in guidance counselling, recruitment and a vast knowledge of employment opportunities and avenues to upskill and/or retrain and will make these available to you.
Work with you on an individual and group basis as required for areas like skills assessment, CV preparation, job search tools, interview skills, job applications.
Provide access for you to our online Knowledge Centre of career development resources. Access can also be provided to support programmes that will assist you as required e.g., health & wellbeing supports, education supports, family supports. Support may be provided within your local centre or by a nearby partner agency.
Support you to understand and meet your obligations to the Department of Social Protection.
Be prompt, supportive and professional in responding to any questions you have.
Encourage you to provide feedback on your engagement with the service as we are dedicated to continually improving our services for you.
If you are unhappy with our service or staff a complaints system is in place, we encourage its use to help improve our service
A minimum you will have the following when leaving the service:

Services To Jobseekers

Working with our SICAP and WorkAbility teams, we provide a comprehensive service that is free and available to unemployed jobseekers in the Dublin South City Partnership area.

We offer service-users the opportunity to identify suitable job vacancies or to access appropriate further training and education options.

The service is also available for:

Services To Employers

Are you an employer looking for staff?

The Local Area Employment Services offer a free recruitment service to employers, advertising their vacancies to unemployed job-seekers in the area.

We can offer:

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Employer Engagement Programme 2023

Or click here to download the Employment Engagement Programme 2023 – Linking Businesses to Jobseekers brochure

For further information please contact:

Local Area Employment Services

LAES at Dublin 12 

phone us at 01 409 5082

or email us info@dcclaes.ie

LAES at Dublin 1

phone us at 01 473 2196

or email us at  reception@dscp.ie

Local Area Employment Services Team