Education for Adults

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Education for Adults

We are committed to providing learning opportunities for all adults, particularly those who may not have had great chances or experiences, first time around.

A sample list of our courses for 2023: 

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Workshops and courses for personal development, wellbeing. These aim to support people in building confidence and overcoming personal barriers in their lives.

'Keeping Active' courses

Digital Literacy' courses

Integration and Inclusion courses

Culture and Creativity Courses

Throughout the year we host regular Coffee mornings, information events, a graduation ceremony for all our learners.

We mark days of significance with a workshop or activity

We will also support you by providing one to one guidance and advice on what is available in the local area, signposting you to other educational opportunities and events.


Erasmus+ logo

Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe.

In 2023, the LifeLong Learning team in Dublin South City Partnership were awarded Erasmus+ accreditation and the opportunity of a Mobility Project in the category of Adult Education.

The team attended a training programme in Tenerife ‘Innovative Teaching Methods’.

We are excited to start introducing new and innovative approaches in the work we do with our learners. If you want to know more, and to get involved, please contact

Alphabet book - for adults

What is this book?

  • A basic literacy course to help you become familiar with writing and reading
  • 5 hours (1 hour each evening, over two weeks)

Who is the book for?

  • Adults
  • People who are not so familiar with writing in the Latin-script alphabet (a,b,c)

Why use this book?

  • It will help make life in Ireland a little bit easier
  • Increase training and employment opportunities
  • Increase your confidence in a friendly, supportive, small group

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Protected: LifeLong Learning – DSCP Literacy Book

Or click here to download the Alphabet Book

Alphabet Book Partners
Alphabet Funding Partners

Guidelines for organising events and activities for marginalised groups

The guide attached below called ‘Guidelines for organising events and activities for marginalised groups’  is set in a context where it is increasingly important that services are relevant and appropriate for marginalised people. The foundation for any approach is to treat all people with respect and kindness. Beyond that, we need to optimise the chances that events and activities are successful (measured by being a positive, beneficial experience for all participants – organisers and guests).
Experience shows, that creating this environment does not ‘just happen’ – we have to think about what we are doing.

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Protected: Guidelines for organising events and activities for marginalised groups

Or click here to download the guide