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Business Owner : Cilléin Mc Evoy – Built to Fail Productions



Business: Film Production Company

Built to Fail

I was freelancing as an actor and working part time as a tour guide. I wanted to focus on filmmaking in general and believed there was a gap in the Irish film industry for a company that makes the films that inspired me and I wanted a company where I could do the same. Our first feature film The New Music has played in cinemas in Dublin, Cork Chicago, Montréal and was picked up for worldwide distribution.

It helped to guide me thanks to very understanding and empathic people. In my attempts to follow my passion I have been met with some adversity, but DSCP never thought it too outlandish. I had a few very important talks at the time which grounded me as I embarked on the journey and was also provided chances for development and lessons on how to put the best foot forward as a business.

Be brave and bold and follow your gut. Do not be afraid to ask for help and try find likeminded people along the way. It is important to remember it is part of a long journey to perhaps finding something you love that can be shared with the world