Owner: Hugh Fowler



Phone: +353 087 667 6482

Business: Audio production for media.

I was working as a secondary school music teacher, but I had an operation which left me unable to stay on my feet for a long time, and so was unable to continue as a teacher. I had always wanted to try my hand at writing music for TV and film. I found it hard to get into this industry specifically, though I did end up writing music for some animations, and producing audio content for RTE radio. Through this work I began producing content for radio as a freelance radio producer, with the highlight being producing a music documentary series about the history of Irish electronic dance music. This led to the documentary being featured on BBC 6 music, as well as in many international music websites. Off the back of my freelance work I managed to a secure a job working in audio production in RTE radio.

When first starting off, the grants were invaluable in helping me get the equipment I required. I also attended a course on sales techniques which was of some help in securing new business.

Seek as much advice and information from local partnerships that you can. Speak to people in the same industry as you and find out how they got started and see if they have any advice. People are generally really helpful if you ask them. Also ask everyone you know if they know anybody working in the industry you want to get into. If there is a connection through a friend, people are more open to it.