The Good Limbo

Owner: Muireann Walsh




Youtube: @thegoodlimbo9223



Business: The Good Limbo is an online mental health community.

The Good Limbo is an online mental health community for peer based support and distraction. We have an online forum and live chatroom where our members can communicate. We also provide a directory of mental health supports around the world. Our online platform is completely free to use to anyone over the age of 16. We sell products that promote positive mental wellbeing to financially support the running of The Good Limbo. We don’t offer a replacement or alternative to professional support, but a complementary service. Those with lived experience can offer encouragement and reassurance to those nervous about seeking help, a space to decompress after a difficult therapy session, and friends to chat and vent to outside of a support context.

I have a background in Electronic Engineering and Software Development. After a particularly difficult period with my own mental health, I left my job and found support in an online community I used as a teenager. I found the software hadn’t been updated in a number of years and the members wanted a new updated space, and entrusted me with the task of providing it. Inspired by some of the conversations in our chatroom, I developed products that promote positive mental wellbeing. These are sold via our website and some of them can be white-labelled for organisations. Since starting The Good Limbo, I have become a full time carer which means I don’t have the same time to commit to product sales. However, thanks to our volunteer team of moderators, and wonderful community, The Good Limbo forum and chatroom are available 24 hours a day, every day.

Dublin South City Partnership provided fantastic support to me in validating my idea. They have offered a diverse and wide range of training opportunities, information around funding, as well as extensive mentoring. They were even able to provider us the opportunity to have an amazing explainer video produced by We Are Defiant. DSCP share huge amounts of valuable information and offer great opportunities to network with other businesses. The staff are always lovely and a pleasure to chat to.

Avail of the fantastic supports and information that are provided by Dublin South City Partnership. Reach out to other people who may be able to help you – the worst case is they might say no and then you’re no worse off than before you asked! Don’t aim for perfection, just take small steps forward, tweak and adapt as you grow and learn. Best of luck!