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Visual Artists

A Survival Guide for Visual Artists: Thanks to Visual Artists Ireland
Dublin South City Partnership are lucky to have so many creative and inspirational local artists, but that does not mean it is always easy to make a living. Making art and making an art career are two different things. A professional artist is responsible for the day to day business of their career such as financial management, applying for grants and funding, documenting work marketing, promotion, researching opportunities, and a list of other tasks. Due to years of working with local artists we can support you on your journey to self-employment and provide you with the relevant supports and training to operate a sustainable and profitable business.

Tax and Self-Employment for Visual Artists

Social Welfare for Professional Visual Artists

VAT and Artists

FOOD Businesses

There are a number of successful and diverse local food businesses in our local communities and we work with fledgling and established food businesses. Food is a huge part of the Irish economy. It accounts for over 12.3% of total exports. The industry has ambitions to be worth €19 billion by 2025.

Food Works is run by three government agencies, Bord Bia, Enterprise Ireland and Teagasc, who have worked together since 2012 to support innovative food businesses in Ireland. So far, Food Works has helped numerous Irish food entrepreneurs scale their businesses. The Programme is eager to build on that success. Each of the three agencies involved with Food Works plays a specific role in taking Irish food to global markets.
The Food Safety Authority Ireland should be your first port of call. It has up to date guides on food law, starting a food business at home, and detailed information on how to set up a food stall at a local market and all new regulations.

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