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Our TÚS Programme is a community work placement scheme for people on Jobseekers or Disability Allowance. Participants work 19.5 hours per week for 12 months with local non-profit organisations.
They receive a top up on their social welfare payments and retain secondary benefits. They contribute to the community and gain useful skills and experience. 

What is the Tús programme?

The Tús Programme is a nationwide community work placement scheme for people who have been unemployed for at least a year. We at Dublin South City Partnership (DSCP), offer this service in the following areas:

Dublin 4, 6, 6W, 8, and 12.

Tús jobs are provided by local community and voluntary organisations.

The jobs are of benefit to the community, and typically include admin, charity retail, kitchen, maintenance, gardening, or caring roles.

DSCP Tús has an allocation of 160 jobs in the south city area, and placements are supervised by one of our 6 Tús Supervisors, Ellen, Sheila, Greg, Eva, Simon and Derek, who will support the participant throughout their time on the Programme.

Tús projects: Care & Repair service

One of our Tús projects is the hugely successful Care & Repair service, which is staffed by Tús participants. Care & Repair provides a free handyman service to local over-65s. Here’s the C&R team outside our Crumlin office:

Tús support the Bluebell Community Development Project

And from the manager Tommy Coombes:

“I manage Bluebell Community Development Project and am also the Coordinator of Bluebell Community Council. When people come to us on a Tus placement our approach is to seek out opportunities to develop a complimentary relationship, where the people can join us, enhance their existing skillset, add new skills and improve the work of our project by their participation in it.

For me as a manager, to observe Simon’s contribution to our project and how his own skill-set has developed is a good example of this. With his administration skills Simon quickly emerged into a vital cog in the operation of the project. From the day-to-day administration, to working on special projects such as our application for Charitable Status, our Family Resource Centre application, helping with the foodbank and creating newsletters, Simon has added a new dimension to our project. That’s really what we are looking for, to see how each individual can help the project grow and in turn, how the project can offer each individual an opportunity for growth.

I am so delighted to be associated with TUS, and look forward to continuing our very positive relationship into the future”.

Tús support the Ranelagh Community Response

Another project DSCP Tús supports is the Ranelagh Community Response, which provides approximately 70 meals per day to local people:

Our Tús participants also work in community development and administration at local centres like the Bluebell Community project. Here’s Simon’s firsthand experience from his time there:

“Any first day nerves I had evaporated as soon as I walked in the door of The Bluebell Community Project. The warmest of welcomes met me as everyone took time to introduce themselves and have a chat. After tea, biscuits and a bit of craic I sat down with the Project Manager and we spoke about my role in the project.
As well as explaining his expectations of me he was very interested in hearing about what I would like to get out of the experience. 

My background is in administration and from that day to this I have been given tasks that are challenging without being too daunting. It’s good to be in a supportive environment and work with a group of people that have my best interests at heart and my confidence has grown as a result. I’m proud to of made a valuable contribution by participating in the life of the project.

Respecting others is a given, or at least should be, in any workplace, the unexpected thing about working in the project is the amount of much needed self-respect it has given me”

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Contact us at the Tús Programme

If you or someone you know would like to find out more about the Tús Programme, please feel free to contact us.

Participants are usually referred from local social welfare offices, but people can also self-refer to Tús by contacting a member of the Tús team below, or the office on 01 4059819 / tusinfo@dscp.ie

We are located at 66 St. Agnes Road, Crumlin Cross, Dublin 12; Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

TÚS Programme Team

Eva O’Brien

Tús Supervisor

Greg Kelly

Tús Supervisor

Derek Sarsfield

Tús Supervisor

Ellen Brennan

Tús Manager