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TÚS Success Stories

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Our TÚS Programme is a community work placement scheme for people on Jobseekers or Disability Allowance. Participants work 19.5 hours per week for 12 months with local non-profit organisations.
They receive a top up on their social welfare payments and retain secondary benefits. They contribute to the community and gain useful skills and experience.

Tús Success Stories

Tus Participant Feedback – Gaining New Skills

I am on a Tús placement as Education Assistant at the National Print Museum. This has been a great way to learn more about the museum network in Dublin and get experience in museum outreach. The National Print Museum is a place where you can learn lots of different skills.

As Education Assistant you can receive training on different printing processes with the Education Officer and learn all about delivering workshops. As it’s all about working as a team you can learn about front of house skills and presenting skills by being trained to give a tour of the museum to the public if you Like. The scheme been great for networking and I’ve already had the chance to attend museum conferences on education and outreach and to be involved in book launches and other events at the museum. One of the main advantages of the Tús scheme is its focus on flexibility and the fact that you can work in addition to your Tús hours. The practical in-house experience is very valuable.

Tus Participant Story – Getting Back Into the Workforce:

“The Tús work placement scheme has been a highly beneficial experience for me. After a prolonged period of unemployment, it has provided me with a valuable opportunity to regain my footing and re-enter the workforce.

The experience has helped me get back into a structured routine, along with acquire new skills and experiences. In all the programme has helped me build my confidence, giving me a much greater sense of self belief to pursue future job prospects”. 

Tus Participant Feedback – Benefits of the Tus Programme:

“Tus made me feel seen, heard and understood. My time with Tus was a good experience. I felt helped, guided, not pushed. Even when I wasn’t sure of myself, Tus was there to accommodate as best they could and offer help even with stuff I didn’t know I needed like mental health life courses. The check-ups and check-ins during my placement made me feel like I wasn’t being taken advantage of while still allowing me to deal with my own work”.

Tus Participant Story – Changing Careers:

“I had worked in health care abroad for 10 years. My work mainly involved working nights and weekends and bank holidays. I wanted to return to Ireland and move away from health care. I also really wanted to have an office-based job Monday to Friday 9 – 5.

I met one of the Tús Team Leaders, Martin, and explained what I was hoping to achieve and about my applications to date. He in turn advised what the Tús programme was about and what I could gain from participating. He mentioned the placements and course provided that would enhance my experience.

A week later I started my placement as a receptionist in an office. Over the year which I will say now was amazing I made some great friends. I gained a vast amount of office admin experience and the people I worked alongside shared their knowledge and were always happy to teach and show me new things.

The Tús programme also enabled me to do courses during my placement which involved Computer Skills, First Aid, Manual Handling and many more. At 9 months into the job I took on another part time job in an office thanks to the new skills I had learnt.

As my year placement was coming to an end the Civil Service launched a Clerical Officer Recruitment Campaign. I applied and spoke with Martin about it. Martin helped me prepare for the interview through mock interviews and general advice.

I was successful and started with the Civil Service in July. I was placed in a very nice Department with the hours I wanted and recently I have been promoted to a Manager grade in a new Department.

Thanks to Martin and the Tús programme I gained the required experience and confidence required to start my new career journey. I can and would highly recommend the programme and speaking with any of the Tús Team”.

Tus Participant Story – Art Workshops:

“As an artist working in Dublin in 2016, I was finding it difficult to generate a regular income, so when Tús sent me a letter requiring me to attend an interview, I decided to look upon it as an opportunity. I came up with the idea of providing painting and drawing workshops in the local community. I took this idea and a preliminary idea of what it would cost into my interview. The interview I had with Ellen Brennan the Tús manager was very positive and she was instrumental in getting me in touch with two local community organisations who had use for my idea.

That was 7 years ago and I am still providing painting and drawing workshops in the Southside Dublin Community where I live. I think the positive attitude that Tús showed and the willingness to help me create a chance for myself, made a big difference to me at the time”.

Tus participant who worked part-time while on Tus:

“I worked in a TUS programme for a year and found it a very worthwhile experience. As a creative, I had found it hard to get solid work since the recession in 2008 and TUS afforded me that stability. It also afforded me the opportunity to build some solid friendships, develop socially and to have a solid workplace on my C.V. It enabled me to attain a solid reference when applying for jobs after the placement as well. Given that TUS is a 3 days per week programme and that it is on the PAYE system, it also enables workers to work part-time in other jobs/pursuits while staying on the placement. This is an excellent option for creatives.

As a video editor, I was able to work for three of the months in my placement on a TV show in a freelance capacity 3 days per week as well while working the other 3 days in TUS. Given that TUS is more about developing socially and getting used to going to work every day again, it enabled me to take on extra work such as this as needed. Since TUS I managed to get a job as a clerical officer in a government department where I have been working for over a year. Overall, I found TUS a very worthwhile experience and I continue to work in creative endeavours. I have also maintained many lasting friendships from the placement”.

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