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Our TÚS Programme is a one year community work placement scheme for people on Jobseekers or Disability Allowance.

TUS PROGRAMME TESTIMONIALS - ellen@dscp.ie / 085 153 6760

Testimonial from Terenure Enterprise Centre:

“I cannot speak highly enough of the Tus Team DSCP. We currently have 4 people working with us from Tus Dublin South Dublin City Partnership and they all play very important roles so we can provide our services to the community. Thank you Tus Team DSCP for supporting us here at Terenure Enterprise Centre”.

David Graham, CEO

Testimonial from the National Print Museum:

“The National Print Museum has benefitted greatly from the Tús Scheme over the years. Participants have chiefly worked front of house and tour guiding – sharing the story of the nation’s printing heritage and engaging audiences with hands-on demonstrations of the working collection. In more recent times, the role has developed to incorporate creative work with the Education Department that is committed to providing a wide range of socially inclusive opportunities for the lifelong discovery and enjoyment of Ireland’s printing heritage – including craft workshops and events on and off site.

As an under-resourced charity, the additional support provided by the Scheme has been hugely impactful. The participants have come from diverse backgrounds and been able to bring transferrable skills and life experience to their roles. In turn, the Museum provides meaningful work placements in a fully accredited museum and alongside museum professionals. This stands to participants looking to pursue a career in the culture and tourism sector.

Ellen and the team at Tús have been superb to work with and always take great care in aligning the candidates and the host organisation for mutually beneficial and positive placements”. 

Carla Marrinan Funder, CEO

Testimonial from Bluebell CDP:

“I manage Bluebell Community Development Project and am also the Coordinator of Bluebell Community Council. When people come to us on a Tus placement our approach is to seek out opportunities to develop a complimentary relationship, where the people can join us, enhance their existing skillset, add new skills and improve the work of our project by their participation in it.

For me as a manager, to observe Simon’s contribution to our project and how his own skill-set has developed is a good example of this. With his administration skills Simon quickly emerged into a vital cog in the operation of the project. From the day-to-day administration, to working on special projects such as our application for Charitable Status, our Family Resource Centre application, helping with the foodbank and creating newsletters, Simon has added a new dimension to our project. That’s really what we are looking for, to see how each individual can help the project grow and in turn, how the project can offer each individual an opportunity for growth.

I am so delighted to be associated with TUS, and look forward to continuing our very positive relationship into the future”.

Tommy Coombes, Manager

Testimonial NCBI Charity Shop:

“The NCBI charity couldn’t open our stores without the hard work and dedication of our Tus workers alongside our volunteers. We are one big family, the team work and community feel is important. We help all participants find their hidden skills and help them grow in confidence. Our team are all here to support all new Tus participants with a friendly face, new friends, and fantastic work atmosphere.

A Tus Programme to us is a fresh start, something new that’s maybe scary and different but once you start it’s life changing. You’ll make lifelong friendships and lots of chats over a cuppa with support from all of us”.

Tracey, Manager, NCBI Crumlin Village



Contact us at the Tús Programme

Tús office: 01 4059819 / tusinfo@dscp.ie

66 St. Agnes Road, Crumlin Cross, Dublin 12

Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

TÚS Programme Team

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Tús Manager

David Kennedy

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Tús Supervisor

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